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  • Ensalada Quinoa

    Ensalada Quinoa

  • Saltados


  • Qusco Chicharron Sandwich

    QuscChicharron Sandwich

  • Pescado a lo Macho

    Pescado a lo Macho

Some Things Happy Customers Have Said


  • Victoria K.
    It's so hard to find true Peruvian food here, this place and it's owner are neighborhood gems and should be protected at all costs!
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  • Stephanie S.
    There are many Peruvian spots on the west side, but very few are trendy, spicy, flavorful, and personable.
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  • Mario D.
    This was the best Peruvian food I have tried so far! I recommend this place for anyone looking for some Peruvian soulfood.
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Chicharron de Pollo
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We invest in quality ingredients to ensure our customers get the great taste we’re famous for. Because we believe that you deserve the best.


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Our secret ingredient is passion. Everyone on our team is passionate about making your time with us as great as it can be – from start to finish.



About Us

In Quechua, the native language of the Inca Indians of Peru, “Qusqo” literally means: “the belly of the world, the center of ourishment.” The Inca Indians’ gods were the sun, moon, and mother earth. Because the Incas did not care for gold or the concept of wealth, they celebrated their gods by valuing food, art, and chicha (an Andean drink). As the most advanced pre-Hispanic civilization in Peru, the Incas were able to control most of the region by incorporating the best traditions of each civilization they conquered with their own; leadership was maintained by keeping their people satisfied in knowing that such traditions were received and honored. The Peruvian people continued this custom by integrating the cuisine of all the cultures that inhabited Peru, with their own. Spanish, African, Chinese, and Japanese ingredients have been infused with Peruvian dishes to be the ‘Comida Criolla’(Creole Cooking)of Peru

The menu of Qusqo is based on over 100 years of culinary traditions within the marvelous Women Chefs in the Haro family. Peru is the origin of the most healthy ingrediants such as the potato and quinoa (the mother grain according to the Incas). We hope to share the beauty of Peruvian Cuisine with all of you. The food at Qusqo is tasty and healthy, with approval of Athletic Dieticians. We are proud to cater to Olympian athletes, Fitness specialists, and Medical Professionals worldwide.


Our family’s philosophy is to share your good an. Every meal nurtures your soul from what you bring into your body and the community you share it with. Balance was key in Inkan culture that stressed a 75% plant based diet to heal and strengthen us. All our sauces are heavily vegetable based on ancient traditions. Our aji chili, full of antioxidants will also keep you fit as it is found in every sauce along with garlic and onions. To your health (salud)!