A Taste of Peruvian
Food in Los Angeles

Now Offering Takeout & Delivery 
We use the finest organic ingredients passed on from the healing traditions
of our family's Indigenous Peruvian roots. All our sauces are Plant Based balanced
with seafood and meats.

balance of seafood, chicken or Lomo saltado with youth elixirs
Peruvian Fried Chicken & Yucca Fries
Fresh Food
Garlic Ginger Noodles with Shrimp​

Take a Culinary
Trip to Peru

We gather together to share our love by serving you the art of Peruvian
cuisine passed down from hundreds of years of the Haro Family tradition.

Variety of Flavors

Healthy & Tasty

Latin Tradition

Sangria & Peruvian Paella


Sweet & Savory

Vegan Dishes

Fresh Organic Food


Our family’s philosophy is to share your good. Every meal nurtures your soul from what you bring into your body and the community you share it with. Balance was key in Inkan culture that stressed a 75% plant based diet to heal and strengthen us. All our sauces are heavily vegetable based on ancient traditions. Our aji chili, full of antioxidants will also keep you fit as it is found in every sauce along with garlic and onions. To your health (salud)!

Some Things Happy Customers Have Said

Some Things Happy Customers Have Said


It's so hard to find true Peruvian food here, this place and it's owner are neighborhood gems and should be protected at all costs!

Victoria K.

There are many Peruvian spots on the west side, but very few are trendy, spicy, flavorful, and personable.

Stephanie S.

This was the best Peruvian food I have tried so far! I recommend this place for anyone looking for some Peruvian soulfood.

Mario D.

The food was amazing and i am very impressed with them. The way of talking and delivering is very unique.

Elsie Ross